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A detailed, up-to-date, live statistics available to every affiliate via its own account makes the result tracking process easy and clear.

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Our main concept of Disneyland for Adults assumes creating a special environment of entertainment and fun.

New Generation

Crypto and fiat payments, responsive designs, instant payouts, friendly bonus system and many more make us one step ahead of the others.

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If you have proven and high-quality traffic we can offer you a variety of different cooperation models including CPA, Hybrid, CPM, CPC etc.

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Word to lucky users

Robby the Illusionist

Hey, I wanted to add my thoughts about your new game ✨Robbie The Illusionist✨. First the graphics are beautiful and on point as always and I really didn't mind the sound which usually I would keep on mute. The flow of the images and the smoothness of the animations were great and I didn't see any visual bugs. Winning always makes a game receive great reviews. At first I thought it was never going to win any of my spins but then I hit the great win shown in the image below- and was very happy with that amazing result. I hit that during the free spins bonus round . Bonus round would be great to see more often go by the way. Yay. Over all - very very happy with the game. ❤ 😇 Can't wait to play again, thank you for your hard work (to the devs)

Robby the Illusionist

Hello. I found the graphics in this game very good. Almost too good for my old android phone to handle. I loved the smoothness of it from hitting the spin button to the spin of the reels. I enjoy almost any game with lots of wilds so its without saying I enjoyed this one. Is give it an out of ten...I mentioned i would like to see a more mobile friendly version of the game but other than that i would like to have the pay out structure a little more clear as it was a little difficult to understamd at first glance. I also feel like it might not be a good game if your into fewer big wins over more smaller wins. That may just be the luck i had though while playing 😊

Mining factory

Here's my review for Mining Factory of Since I don't have the funds to gamble I tried to "Play Demo" option that you can find here. About the game Mining Factory graphics is too good and also a very smooth playing experience which you can call an "Epic Slot". Most of the other site with slot game the graphic is like pixelated like the Minecraft game graphic unlike Mining Factory that if you check this game now you'll see that how amazing animation the of this epic slot game is. And I also noticed the music of the game or the background music which you cannot find in other gambling sites that when you're playing slot game you can only hear the annoying slot sound effect. And as I played the Play Demo option of the game which has a demo balance 0.01 BTC I easily turned it to more than 0.05 BTC. So guys what are you waiting for? Try the new epic slot of

Mining factory

i just try your mining factory and it was really fun. mining factory will not disappoint you, it provides you with the good features and among the most interesting is the Auto Spin feature, which allows for up to a maximum of 100 automatic spins. mining factory features a fixed 27 paylines and you can modify your coin value and bet price. It is really worth your time and credits. Its 3D graphics, animations and delightful sound effects make the game as interesting as it can ever be. game interface is also simple and easy to understand as the coin values and bet price per spin are all clearly indicated at the bottom of the screen. it runs smoothly on my PC browser, also it has no problem when i run it on my mobile browser. The wild symbol also appears regularly and this means that you get to win more often. as an example, i've tried this game and i got a lucky paylines with wild symbol on it, it change my 7 mBTC into 41 mBTC in one spin.

Tony's Ree

Personally, I have tried out trueflip and I have got to say I absolutely love it. If you come to just have fun and enjoy the aesthetics then you will love it. I have tried out all the games they had to offer from Tony's reel to Chains code and all of them are a joy to play. They also regularly offer bonuses to their users which I would definitely take advantage of. With the implementation of deposits available in cash, you heard that right cash, you are able to gamble with anything you like. While playing Tony's Reel now my computer usually is a little slow while playing but it ran the game quite smoothly and it was quite fun. It's a visually different take from slots so its like a new game for users.

Tony's Ree

I've played it and I can say the game is pretty fun, simple to understand. Have to say though that considering the payout from it is not so big, usually people are attracted by the opportunity to earn big $ with their bets. here the max I think is 180 coins, so x 3 lines that would be a 540 coin return on highest possible payout, which is a max of 180 of total bet. The plus is that smaller pay-outs are quite constant, so you get the feeling you're winning almost every hand. The Stop button could be improved to instantly stop the reels upon pressing, right now it's only making the reels stop a little faster than regularly , but sometimes I'd want to go through more sessions faster, and a instant stop function would be best for it. All in all a good game, but could be improved.

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